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Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, Delray Financial Group LLC offers long term care insurance cost quotes to help individuals take care of long term health expenses.

Long term care insurance policies offered by Delray Financial Group LLC are designed to pay for the cost of your care in a variety of settings, including a nursing home if you can no longer care for yourself independently at home. Long term care policies can vary widely in their coverage, limitations, and exclusions.

John Nobile President of Delray Financial Group LLC, as independent financial professional, has access to hundreds of insurance carriers. Unlike some agents, he is not bound to one company or carrier. Long Term Care Insurance products are analyzed from all possible carriers and then rigorously vetted and carefully selected to match your risk tolerance, suitability and individual needs.

Long Term Care Insurance With Cash Value — No More Use It Or Lose It

This new long-term care insurance solution is designed to help you protect your assets by using the safety of whole life insurance. With your one time premium, you receive a guaranteed amount of life insurance coverage, all of which can be used for qualifying long-term care benefits.

The cash value is credited with a minimum guaranteed interest rate and grows each month. Also, should you ever decide the coverage no longer fits your needs, you can request and receive a full return of premium (less any prior distributions taken).

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A comprehensive policy generally covers the costs of 24 hour nursing home care, including that given at custodial, intermediate, and skilled levels. The insurance policy may also cover any expenses connected with assisted living facilities provided that the location is State certified. Adult day care centers are often covered as well, as is respite care, which is the temporary professional care you'll need if your regular caregiver is on vacation or requires time-off. Long term care policies may also pay for at home care provided by RN's; respiratory therapists; physical, occupational, or speech therapists; registered dietitians; or licensed social workers.

Policies may also cover the cost of caregiver training for a family member or close friend. Finally, the long term care insurance may cover the cost of independent health care providers, such as registered nurses, who will act as your personal care consultant. Such a benefit gives you an objective, knowledgeable person with whom you can discuss the quality of your health care.

Long term care insurance companies will require that you meet certain conditions before they issue benefits. They usually require that you be unable to perform certain regular daily activities by yourself, such as normal bathroom functions, bathing, dressing, and eating by yourself. Insurance companies will also issue benefits because of cognitive loss as a result of Alzheimer's disease, senility, and other forms of senior dementia. These requirements are explained in the long term care policies. Speak with one of the trusted insurance professionals at Delray Financial Group to learn about the costs and benefits of long term care coverage.

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