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Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, Delray Financial Group LLC offers fixed income bond investments including corporate bonds, municipal bonds, government bonds, structured products and much more.

As an independent fixed income specialist for over 29 years, John Nobile President of Delray Financial Group has access to inventories from hundreds of bond dealers. He seeks the clients fixed income product needs through an open market that does not limit his access to fixed income dealers. He is not limited to products and pricing by being required to transact business through one specific channel like other brokers.
At Delray Financial Group LLC, our platform provides for open access to all vendors that will supply the required fixed income product. The end result is the best possible execution price for our clients. We offer a wide variety of investment strategies and carefully vet offerings suited to your risk tolerance and investment objective.

My mission is to make a difference. Lead, coach, teach, and assist my clients through independent ideas, quality advice and peace of mind.

John Nobile President CEO Delray Financial Group

Delray Financial Group LLC, is an independent boutique wealth management firm whose sole business is to serve our clients. We have over 33 years of personalized, professional service experience, focused on servicing individual and institutional clients in their investment and banking needs.

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Bond Trader Professional was founded to serve the needs of high net worth individuals, private equity firms, hedge funds and other income oriented institutions. Our U.S. and foreign national clients seek high yielding investment alternatives that offer superior total returns and manageable risk. We cater to high net worth individuals, executing trade amounts of $50,000 or higher.

Our clientele often share several characteristics:

  • They are experienced and sophisticated in investing.
  • They are focused on achieving attractive, after-tax, total returns with manageable risk.
  • They are weary of the ups and downs of the equity markets.
  • They are tired of being ignored by their broker.
  • They are tired of being “pitched” product and inventory.

Our experienced assessment of the current economic indicators leads us to conclude that the high yield investment sector may continue to outperform the equity markets for the savvy, income-oriented investor. Above average returns may be possible for the investor who is guided by our investment professionals.

Our Private Client Group is a part of Delray Financial Group LLC, securities offered through Kovack Securities, Inc., member FINRA/SIPC. Clients assets are held and securities are cleared through Pershing, LLC, a subsidiary of THE BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON CORPORATION Member New York Stock Exchange, FINRA, SIPC.

We are seasoned investment professionals that bring decades of industry experience to meet your fixed income investment needs.

*Our core values*

  • We are devoted to providing individualized, outstanding personal service to our clients.
  • We recognize that each client has different investment objectives and risk tolerance.
  • We never carry any inventory or product.
  • We have access to the inventories of hundreds of dealers and offer a wide variety of investment strategies.
  • Our recommendations are solely motivated with your investment objectives in mind.
  • We provide our clients with institutional investment alternatives that “Wall Street” firms sometime save for only a few, high-end, institutional clients.
  • We provide our clients with real time visibility to thousands of fixed-income offerings, including corporate and municipal bonds that often escape the attention of the individual investor.
  • We believe that an informed client is a happy client.

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For a consultation regarding your fixed-income investment needs, or for current bids or offerings on specific bonds please contact us by our contact page or Call us toll free at 855-414-4165 or direct at 561-988-8490.

Bond Trader Professional

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An explanatory brochure is available upon request or at SIPC does not protect against market risk, which is the risk inherent in a fluctuating market.

Securities are cleared and assets are held through Pershing, LLC, a subsidiary of
Member New York Stock Exchange, FINRA, SIPC

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