Client Center

The Client Center has been designed to provide existing emerging affluent clients with convenient access to advice and assistance that is consistent with the Delray Financial Group LLC Client Experience, an experience centered on relationships and financial guidance.

An investment account through Delray Financial Group LLC provides clients with access to the world’s financial markets and investment products from anywhere around the globe. In addition, we also provide the capability to buy and sell equity, fixed income, mutual funds and ETFs. Delray Financial Group LLC offers multicurrency execution capabilities in over 65 exchanges through local relationships, third-party electronic access, and through the exchange memberships of our clearing firm, Pershing, LLC.

As independent investment professionals, we design individually tailored investment  plans and portfolios to help meet each client`s specific needs. We trust you will find our site useful and encourage your comments and feedback.

Features & Benefits

Some of the many features and benefits of an investment account through Delray Financial Group LLC, include:

  • The personal services of an independent financial advisor
  • Secure internet account access from around the globe
  • Trading in most foreign markets and currencies
  • Banking and investing combined through one account
  • Credit management to maximize the liquidity of investment asset
  • Consolidated reporting of all accounts and positions
  • Excess account protection from financial institution failure
  • The security of The Bank of New York Mellon and Pershing

Delray Financial Group LLC through Kovack Securities Inc., and The Bank of New York Mellon has branch offices throughout the United States and can provide financial services and products to domestic and international clients.

  • Retirement Plan Services
  • Pershing Support Services
  • Holding Securities through Pershing
  • Margining Investment Assets
  • Investment Lines of Credit
  • Managing Finances
  • Full Service Brokerage and Investment Advisory


Excess Account Protection

The Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC®) provides account protection up to $500,000 in value, including $250,000 in cash awaiting reinvestment. SIPC provides protection for brokerage firms against losses should a SIPC member firm fail financially and become unable to meet obligations of its securities clients. More information about the protection of account assets through SIPC is available at Delray Financial Group LLC clients are covered through Kovack Securities, Inc. and Pershing, LLC which are SIPC member firms.

In addition to SIPC protection, Pershing, LLC provides coverage in excess of SIPC from Lloyd’s of London in conjunction with other insurers.

The excess of SIPC coverage provides the following protection for assets held in custody by Pershing, LLC, and its London-based affiliate, Pershing Securities Limited:

An aggregate loss limit of $1 billion for eligible securities—over all client accounts. A per-client loss limit of $1.9 million for cash awaiting reinvestment—within the aggregate loss limit of $1 billion

Neither SIPC nor excess of SIPC coverage protects against loss due to market fluctuation of investments.

Since 1939, Pershing has been a leading provider of financial business solutions with over $900 billion in assets held, focused on the segregation, safekeeping, servicing, and reporting of client assets in their custody. Please refer to Pershing LLC’s Statement of Financial Condition for additional information.

Pershing, LLC’s parent company The Bank Of New York Mellon, has a capitalization of $32.4 billion, as of September 30, 2010, and $24.4 trillion in assets held under custody and
administration. Please refer to The Bank of New York Mellon’s website for current financial statements and reports.

Securities are cleared and assets are held through Pershing, LLC, a subsidiary of
Member New York Stock Exchange, FINRA, SIPC